Waldo Case Study

Rita Nakhoul
December 20, 2022
People & Talent, Waldo

"I see Stakha as my business partner. I trust them as if they were part of my team.
The two co-founders know the industry very well; they know the business and know what they're talking about."

Three people were hired in the last six months. Considering how demanding we are, this is an amazing number.

Introducing Waldo

Waldo is a web app to test mobile applications. 
They provide the tools required for development teams to automate mobile testing. How does it work? Upload the latest version of an application on their web app, and they will do more than 1K tests to check if it works well.

Background Stakha

Stakha's platform is specially designed to match candidates looking for remote opportunities for permanent work with companies who are looking to hire talent.
It is specifically tailored to remote workers, and our team of experts will work from their homes all across the continent to connect you with amazing recruiters and hiring managers.

Conversation with Léa

How did you discover Stakha?

I discovered Stakha thanks to Khalil, one of our early-stage engineers.
He used to work at Ledger with one of Stakha's co-founders, Amaury de Thibault. 
At that time, we struggled to find a good staffing agency in the US and France. Khalil advised me to reach out to Amaury. So I discovered it thanks to word of mouth.

What makes Stakha different?

Everything. First, their high standards, their recruiters are very talented, and they can source excellent profiles for Waldo. Thanks to Stakha, we hired three people in the last six months. Considering how demanding we are, this is a fantastic number.
I like how responsive the recruiters are and how well Waldo is pitched to candidates. They're always highly prepared compared to candidates sent by other agencies who show up with no clue about what Waldo does and our culture.
So I appreciate how coached candidates are. I also like how fast Stakha moves; recruiters always look for feedback quickly after interviews. They also deliver extremely qualitative feedback and action items during the hiring process; they share the good, the bad, and the ugly from the candidate's perspective, which is critical to us.

How did Stakha help you hire faster and better?

They move very fast. We like to move quickly at Waldo as well. Our average time to hire is 21 days, but our interview process is usually about ten days - weekends included - which means we have eight business days to make a fantastic impression.
We are very proud of our candidates' experience, mainly thanks to Stakha, who always pushes candidates and ensures they're on time.
We definitely hire faster and better with Stakha.

The Solution

Our platform

It's easy to use, automatic and helpful. All our candidates are prequalified and looking for remote opportunities. You can see the candidate's profile, salaries, and LinkedIn links.


Our talented recruiters work hard and fast. Each recruiter has its own specialization to help you find the perfect fit.


We are always looking for your feedback after interviews so we can evolve. We deliver qualitative feedback to ensure everything goes smoothly between the company and the candidate. We also help them make the right choice!


We are a remote-first company. So we know how to recruit candidates who will work remotely at your company. With this mindset, the world is open to us, and we have access to a fantastic talent pool.