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Our mission & values

Stakha is a recruitment platform that offers people the career they want no matter where they live and who they are. Meaning candidates will have access to the same opportunities, regardless of their age, gender, location etc.

Stakha itself is a remote-first company that believes in the benefits of remote working for all. We love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere and we offer any individual in Europe the same access to great and distributed tech companies.
  • Our mission
    Make sure every tech, product and growth candidate has the opportunity to live and work wherever they want.
  • Our Values
    Stakha was born during unknown times, where we saw remote erase borders in Europe and build better-distributed companies. Stakha is an open-source project where everyone from the most junior to the most senior can try, test and review new things. The world of work depends on how fast we can help companies to build more distributed teams and conquer legal, physical, and cultural borders.

    Everyone’s contribution matters, so we make all info accessible to all. We hold writing in high regard, to make sure that nothing is lost and everyone can learn and contribute when it suits them. After all, the faintest pencil is better than the sharpest memory. We put our money where our mouth is — everyone has access to the same rewards, there’s a fixed percentage on commission for our sales and recruitment folks and everyone gets incentives by reaching clear and accessible objectives.

    We believe remote working is a core way to build a more diverse, inclusive and open world. Which is why we only ever focus on the value that candidates will bring to future projects and how they’ll contribute to their organization. By onboarding different people who share our values and letting them contribute freely to Stakha we know we’ll have a positive impact on the world of work.

    Nothing great has ever been created by one person, so we work as a whole to achieve results and progress towards our common goal. Helping and supporting the community is our priority. We welcome feedback from everyone — even if they’re not related to the subject. As with any precious asset, we keep it positive and solutions-orientated. We encourage everyone to share in our knowledge and emphasize open communication.
  • What we accomplished
    Placed more than 100+ candidates for fully-remote and hybrid roles on hard to fill job req.

Passionate about languages, social media and creating interesting content, I am the content Hacker here at Stakha. Once I started working fully remote with Stakha I realized that remote work shouldn't be an option, but a necessity.

Being an expat in France, this experience allows me to keep my job in the country and visit my family and friends regularly. Working remotely was the best decision I ever took!

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Guess what? I’m passionate about the tech and innovation field (and football), and I’ve always wanted to combine work with significant impacts and good working conditions. Thanks to Stakha, it’s possible.

My full-remote job at Stakha changed my life: I can work where I want, I find the balance between my personal and professional life again, and I’m more focused on my work! I’m happy that my daily goal is to help people find the same satisfaction in their job through Stakha.

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Happiness at work is a recurrent topic. Managing personal and professional life in the smoothest way possible has always been one of my main concerns. I found in Stakha the possibility to work efficiently in full-remote while dedicating quality time to my family. I'm so glad to help candidates find the best job from the place they cherish the most.

Ps: Besides recruitment, I love football, art, South America and good wine.

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After four years between several European countries, I've become a remote believer. I've seen in Stakha the distributed company that will change our working habits for a more inclusive and fair environment for tech talent.

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