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Senior Fullstack Engineer
"If you read this, you've guessed that Stakha helped me find my dream job. What is less obvious is that they care about the human, about you. Stakha put me in touch with great companies for remote positions. They anticipated each step by giving me information and advice. Some may think it was luck they had the right job.
I think the luck interfered when I came across Stakha."
Fullstack Engineer
"I was looking for a new opportunity to grow in my career as a software engineer working remotely, and Stakha put me in a great position to find my next job. They found openings that were great fits for me, and they helped me through the whole process up until the salary negotiations. To me, Stakha is the best remote hiring platform on the market. I will use it again next time, that's for sure!"
Front End Engineer
"When I was coming out of the second confinement, I looked for a fully remote job that allows me to leave Paris. Stakha helped me to get my role current at Qonto. After seeing one of Stakha's post, I registered on their website. They contacted me quickly, immediately understood what I was looking for, and a few weeks later, I started a full-remote role at one of the greatest European Fintech!"
Backend Engineer
"I was looking for a change when Stakha reached out to me. Full-remote was already my situation, and I wanted to stay in an international environment to reduce commute time and carbon footprint. Stakha proposed several scale-up companies that matched my expectations, and I joined Kpler, which brings transparency to global flows of fossil fuels. I'm contributing to creating a new team and product dedicated to oil refinery modeling on a modern stack (AWS, Kafka, Python, Airflow, ...) to predict production and shortages."
Cloud Engineer
"Stakha contacted me and quickly identified job opportunities that matched my profile. I chose the position of Cloud Engineer at Jellysmack, which fit my career path perfectly. I now design their platform Run and have great freedom of action. The full remote work allows me to spend less time commuting, sell my car, and enjoy time with family despite a busy schedule. Thank you, Stakha!"
Senior Product Designer
"Stakha accompanied me throughout the recruitment process. I loved their philosophy, precise advice, transparency, and encouragement before interviews. I work at Chance as a Senior Product Designer. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine accepting a position without it being fully remote work. We have fewer distractions and can work wherever we want and adapt our pace according to daily obligations."
Fullstack Engineer
"Stakha guides you in your search for a full-remote job. I created a profile on the platform and received offers from companies with detailed job descriptions. They were all fully remote, allowing me to work from anywhere and have a better work-life balance. I received advice from Tristan and got a Full-Stack Software Engineer position at Kpler on the first try."
"The value of Stakha for me was the advice provided by Amaury, which helped to position myself and achieve my objectives. My SRE position in a small team of four people is a perfect match. We work on R&D, production, and delivery, with projects in Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and Azure Cloud. Full remote work allows me to organize my day easily and continue my other activities. Stakha understood my problems and guided me toward what I was meant to do."
Senior Android Engineer
"Stakha found me on LinkedIn and offered me three open positions that led me to Qonto. They followed me during the entire process, giving me advice and feedback to tailor my speech for interviews. I'm now working remotely for Qonto, and it's been a successful experience. I got a good rhythm and enjoyed the trip to Paris to meet the team."