Save Money While Working Remotely In 5 Easy Steps

Rita Nakhoul
December 20, 2022

Can switching to a home office job save you money?

Apart from the money business owners save when employees work remotely, there are numerous other financial advantages to working from home or anywhere!

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At Stakha, we believe in this subject, and when we consider all the advantages of remote working. Opting for a remote job is a no-brainer if you have laptop-compatible employment and a good Wi-Fi connection.

Remote employees can significantly improve their quality of life by reducing stress, time, and other costs.
And so, we wanted to delve deeper into how and why working from home might help your bank account.

1- Commuting Costs

If you currently use public transportation to work, you'll immediately notice cost savings when you don't have to pay the monthly or daily commuting cost. Even if you're telecommuting part-time for your hybrid work model, the savings on public transit costs could be negated by a monthly discount that full-time travelers might get.

Your savings might be more significant if you drive to work but not as immediately noticeable. Not only does telecommuting save money on gas, but it also cuts down on the miles on your car. This, in turn, means less maintenance and repair costs and could lower your car insurance payments. Which will ultimately be less stressful for you!

2- Full-time Daycare Cost

Did you know that it is possible to save a lot of money on childcare?
Remote workers don't have to pay for full-time daycare when they stay home with more flexible work hours.

You will always be available to take care of your children when you work entirely remotely.

Not only will this save you money, but it will also strengthen your relationship with your children, resulting in a better work/life balance.

Passion for remote work

3- Cooking At Home

It's easy to spend money on takeaways with coworkers or go out for pricey lunches if you work onsite.
You can take advantage of the fact that your coworkers aren't present to tempt you to order food when working at home. You'll have access to your fridge and pantry, fully stocked with wholesome, reasonably priced meals and snacks.

Additionally, since you have a flexible work schedule and won't have to commute, you'll have more time to prepare meals for your workday lunches and snacks.
That way, you'll spend less on impulse and save money on weekday lunches and office happy hour if you work remotely.

4- Work Clothes

Another money-saving perk is even if your company doesn’t necessarily have a dress code, you will still need "work" attire in an office.

N.B: It would be best if you also accounted for the expense of dry cleaning because only some things can be washed.
However, you might only have to wear a suit once a month or even once a week, depending on your line of work. Or you'll have to dress in a suit every day! That dry cleaning may pile up over time.

You still need to acquire and maintain your wardrobe when you work from home, especially for necessary video conferencing. Still, you generally only need a small collection of ties and khakis.
But yoga pants, jeans, and a simple t-shirt are usually sufficient. Better yet, you typically don't have to dry-clean these clothes. On washing day, simply tossing them in the washer will generally suffice.

5- Live Anywhere

Like being self-employed, remote work can offer you the luxury of not being confined to a particular office or location.
As a result, you can live in practically any place.

Moving to one of the most affordable cities is smart if personal finances are stressful. Your bills will be lower if you live somewhere with a lower cost of living, and you'll have more money to devote toward your financial objectives.
People who live in areas with high living costs and may feel like they need help to catch up may find this very useful.

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If you think that this resonates with you. We will help you find the perfect role for you!

At Stakha, we have more than 90 open positions that are fully remote. We will help you find your desired role without compromising your personal life.