How To Find The Perfect Remote Job

Rita Nakhoul
November 22, 2022

Do you want to explore the world in quest of experiences, delectable cuisine, and unique cultures but find that your PTOs are never enough? Or do you fear that taking a long trip will reflect poorly on your resume?

If you have taken a liking to working remotely, having flexibility in your work, and having a work-life balance, you’re in the right place!

Here are some tips for finding the perfect full-time remote role.

1- Spot actual remote companies

For quite some time, our professional and personal habits have been disrupted by the pandemic. Some companies have played the game by setting up a work-from-home option with their teams until they tell their employees to return to the office as soon as possible.

However, this is the first thing you must avoid while looking for the best remote job opportunity.

Full remote means you work from wherever you want all year round. Although the flexibility of working from home allows us to work from wherever we want, this way of working remains temporary.

Full remote could be part of a policy where offices do not exist and where employees work all year round from where they want. This model applies in an agreement between the company and its employees who wish to remain free of their workplace.

By opting for this model, trust, communication, and company culture are the three values companies need to manage remote teams and keep their employees productive.

Thousands of companies hire remote workers, from small businesses to big corporations like Amazon.

2- Include your international experience on your resume

In case you didn’t know, international experience is a highly valued factor by remote recruiters. Because remote companies usually work with international clients.

Having prior international experience allows you to communicate easily with clients. This means that you have been exposed to multiple cultures and can adapt to various situations.

As a remote job seeker, your experience abroad must appear on your CV or cover letter.

But how?
Knowing that recruiters only spend a few seconds reading each CV, you probably think it’s a matter of luck if they focus on the international section. Don’t worry; here are the key elements to highlight your international experience:

You can talk about your experience in the title. Although the “title” part is an element of LinkedIn profiles, more and more candidates choose to include a similar section at the beginning of their CV. This is how they showcase their most essential skills and, of course, their experiences abroad.

Remember that it is not only a question indicating the months you have spent abroad. What you learned there adds value to your CV and what differentiates you from other candidates—for example, being immersed in a culture or the projects you have carried out there.

Add the languages ​​on the CV. You could mention that you spent some months of experience with English-speaking collaborators, for example.

Passion for remote work

3- Prepare every step of the interview process.

Sometimes certain recruitment processes for a fully remote position can take longer than the traditional job interview but should always involve some transparency from both sides from the start.

First, ensure you have a clear vision of your future virtual workspace and organizational processes. This is essential information, showing the recruiter that you take full remote very seriously.

Make a good impression, especially if the interview is remote. Being able to exchange easily via video meetings is one of the fundamental challenges of full remote, more than just your ability to cooperate with your team members.

Try to distinguish yourself during the interview thanks to your warm attitude, your eloquence, or even your background in the case of a zoom interview: your potential employer must remember you in one way or another.
Make sure you have the right set-up for the call, use your laptop instead of your phone, choose a quiet place that is not crowded, check your communication tools beforehand, and sit in a well-lit room.

And lastly, show your professionalism by highlighting your project management and soft skills. Your team won’t be able to help you in person in case of problems, and your coworkers might work in different time zones. Show the recruiter that you are more effective when you are autonomous.

4- Use the right keywords when you search online.

Many companies use different terms to describe remote work in their job postings.

Terms like home-based, remote ok, telecommuting, remote work, or we work remotely can narrow your search.

By entering these keywords in your search, the search engine will find you job offers in which these terms appear.

Note: As said earlier, work-from-home jobs differ from remote work. So be careful when you search for fully remote opportunities.

5- Expand your professional network

Developing professional networking can be a profitable strategy for landing a telecommuting job. Because applying on remote job boards only is not enough to find the perfect role, you should expand your network and consider checking social media.

Join LinkedIn groups dedicated to remote working. This will allow you to connect with a large community of people already working remotely. LinkedIn is great for connecting with hiring managers and showcasing your skills and experience. It should be noted that most of these groups are in English.

You can also try joining Twitter, where you can see influencers tweeting about remote job sites or even remote employers sharing their excellent new tech jobs in remote job listings threads.

Woman working on her laptop remotely

Finding a remote job can take some time, but don’t give up too quickly. If you devote some effort every day to your job search and business contacts, you will be able to enjoy your new job soon.

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