Defacto Case Study

Amaury de Thibault
June 15, 2023

Accelerating Fintech Success with Stakha - The Defacto Story

About Defacto

Defacto is an industry-leading fintech firm that innovates credit infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies using an API. Its legacy of success includes some of its founders building a fintech unicorn. Defacto sets high standards and maintains an unwavering commitment to innovation. "The challenge was identifying and recruiting top-tier talent who could keep pace with our constant push for innovation."

We spoke with Marco, co-founder & CTO of Defacto, with whom we helped on various hirings such as Senior Data Scientist & Senior Backend Engineer.

What problems did you encounter before you met Stakha?

"Finding the right talent often felt like a Herculean task. We needed candidates who didn't just match but exceeded our demanding requirements."

What are the consequences of having these problems?

"This challenge was impeding our growth and slowing down our ability to innovate quickly in the fintech sector."

What is the perceived value of Stakha's solution?

"What struck us about Stakha was not only the quality of candidates they supplied to Waldo, but also their ability to inspire us with potential for a fruitful collaboration. The excellent feedback about Stakha's candidate quality gave us the confidence to explore how Stakha could enrich Defacto's talent pool and propel our success."

What led to the decision to collaborate with Stakha?

"Their promptness, meticulous follow-up with candidates, and above all, the unmatched quality of the candidates. Stakha stood out with its seamless handling of the recruitment process."

What benefits did you reap from Stakha's solution?

"Stakha demonstrated their value with a particularly challenging recruitment task: the hiring of senior-level professionals. They successfully transitioned a candidate into a hands-on role at Defacto, even though it didn't involve a managerial title, underscoring their exceptional talent in sourcing and managing candidate expectations."

Closing Thoughts

Stakha's excellent recruitment services have enabled Defacto to overcome their hiring challenges and maintain their growth trajectory in the rapidly evolving fintech sector. By providing Defacto access to top-tier talent, Stakha has played a pivotal role in accelerating their progress.In a world where the geography of talent is limitless, Stakha's expertise in sourcing, vetting, and securing candidates regardless of location has emerged as an unparalleled asset.

With Stakha, Defacto is confidently moving forward, tapping into an unlimited talent pool, and reaping the benefits of Stakha's unique approach to recruitment."They are the go-to five-star hiring company. Stakha's ability to manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding, makes them a trusted partner for Defacto." This, in turn, has helped them redefine fintech success.