Steamroot Case Study

"One of the things that stood out to us was Stakha's ability to source senior & high quality talents."

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Reda Benzair

"We really enjoy working with Stakha. Their processes, their reactivity, and their market knowledge really stand out against the competition."

Reda Benzair, Managing Director.

"Their ability to source top talent, expertise in various industries, and commitment to providing excellent customer service made them stand out from the competition."

Introducing Streemroot

Streamroots' comprehensive solutions will give your teams an advantage in the global content market.

They offer a cutting-edge video delivery solution as part of their creative line of products suited for the world's largest and most discerning digital companies.


Stakha's platform is specially designed to match candidates looking for remote opportunities for permanent work with companies who are looking to hire talent.

It is specifically tailored to remote workers, and our team of experts will work from their homes all across the continent to connect you with amazing recruiters and hiring managers.


How did you discover Stakha?
I have met Amaury as he previously helped Streamroot in hiring top talent and helped us improve our hiring processes.

Amaury worked for us before, and Stakha matches his vision & quality.

Our search for suitable candidates had been ongoing for several months, and we struggled to find the right fit for our team.

What is more is that Stakha exceeded our expectations by hiring three great (two Senior SW Engineers & One Engineering Manager) candidates within six months.
"One of the things that stood out to us was Stakha's ability to source senior and high-quality talents.

This was crucial for us since Streamroot is a complex product that requires specialized expertise.

Stakha's recruiters had a deep understanding of our various product requirements. They provided us with candidates that were not only qualified but also had the necessary experience to excel in their roles.

Additionally, I had access to a larger talent pool. As a manager trying to hire the best talent engineer, Stakha helped me search for talent from other areas. I did not expect to look; that gives me access to a much larger talent pool and increases my chances of finding the perfect candidate for our needs. The candidates had diverse backgrounds, which was important for our team's growth."
What makes Stakha different?
How did Stakha help you hire faster and better?
"While many hunting or hiring platforms are available in the market, Stakha stands out due to its professionalism and thoroughness. I've had great success with Stakha, having hired three candidates through the platform. Stakha also provides regular updates on the candidates' progress, which is a great added value.

For example: During the interview process, Stakha's recruiters were professional and thorough, providing us with regular updates on the candidates' progress.

We were impressed with their attention to detail and ability to assess the candidates' skills and experience accurately.

After the candidates started in our team, Stakha continued to provide excellent customer service. They followed up with us regularly to ensure the new hires were integrating well into our team and meeting our expectations.

We appreciated their commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a successful hiring process."

The Challenges

#1 Challenge
Finding the Right Fit
#2 Challenge
Reducing Time To Hire
#3 Challenge
Sourcing For Top Talents

The Solution

Our platform

It's easy to use, automatic, and helpful. All our candidates are prequalified and looking for remote opportunities. The candidates are more responsive compared to other hiring platforms. You can see the candidate's profile, salaries, and LinkedIn links.
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Our talented recruiters work hard and fast. Each recruiter has its own specialization to help you find the perfect fit. They are candidate-centric which allows them to have clear & transparent communication to make sure all answers are answered.


We are always looking for your feedback after interviews so we can evolve. We deliver qualitative feedback to ensure everything goes smoothly between the company and the candidate. We also help them make the right choice!
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We are a remote-first company. So we know how to recruit candidates who will work remotely at your company. With this mindset, the world is open to us, and we have access to a fantastic talent pool.

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